This module presents selected research and links to free articles which identifies the most common dysfunctions associated with breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.


The underlying impairments are not yet established in research. I have used my extensive clinical experience to develop easy and quick methods to assess impairments such as muscle bracing, scar tissue and adhesions and AWS/ cording.


Module 1 has projects for the clinician who wants to have feedback on their skills learnt from this module.


Your reading material:

A downloadable 69 page document with active links to free access reading material ( abstracts or free paper access)

Section 1: Disability,pain and movement disorders experienced after BC

Section 2: Impairments after BC

Section 3: Measures that can be used in the clinic


Your Video material

Video 1-2  The need for assessment

Video 3: Arm to Ear test

Video 4: Reach out the Back test

Video 5: Important language for testing

Video 6: POSAS and adheremeter

Video 7: Your assesable project


Your ROTB patient reminder PDF 

Module 1 - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Assessment