You will receive the logo image and also a link that will take your viewers to the entire Summit program 

You will add it to your website with text to guide people to click on the  active link to access the REV UP RECOVERY after breast cancer program. 


Next let the right people in your community know that you support breast cancer recovery and this service that is now available on your website .

Your access to the program will end  December 30th  2019 - as the entire program will be updated.


Website REV UP RECOVERY logo + link

  • The image is under copyright permission to Denise Stewart for the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit.  You are entitled to use this on one website only and not to share the image outside of this agreement.

  • Link the image to the link address.

    At the logo+ link on your page , place text to guide people to click on the logo/link. For example:

    Access the REV UP RECOVERY program by clicking on the image.

    Come back each day and choose one presentation and a guided relaxation method or wellness activity.

    You could take 5-6 weeks to complete the entire program.That is a lot of inspiration and relaxation practice.