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breast cancer

Breast cancer

Customized treatment for recovery after

breast cancer

Persistent pain

Customized treatment for recovery  for problematic soft tissue and old scars


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About Denise Stewart



Denise Stewart is an Occupational Therapist trained in Australia at the University of Queensland. Her career started at a major public hospital, providing rehabilitation to people with very serious and chronic illnesses and injuries.


With the introduction of workplace rehabilitation in the 80s, Denise moved into the private health sector and helped injured workers return to work. This experience created a passion for workplace injury prevention and the importance of good return to work programs.



This same concern for a person's recovery and the importance of returning to work was applied to her work with women after breast cancer. For 25 years, Denise has been a leader in developing improved rehabilitation services for this special client group.



Empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing has been the driving force for her latest work in developing educational resources for clients including a Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Youtube Channel.  Knowledge is shared about common physical issues experienced by women after breast cancer.


Online breast cancer rehabilitation service delivery has also been developed so women in areas that lack access to health professionals trained in post-breast cancer care, can still obtain the help they may need to recover well.

Denise has launched several innovative projects in breast cancer rehabilitation:

  • Share Cording Protocols Project  (launched in 2014) for health professionals

  • Youtube educational videos for breast cancer survivors

  • Online International Mastectomy Scar assessment survey

  • Online training modules in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Online International Breast Cancer Summit  (December 2016- 2020) for health professionals

2020 New Events:

  1. Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit 2019-20: December is the month for this program. Go to the Summit website

  2. Online mastectomy prosthesis measure support for BRESSANTE.  Read more

  3. Online training for health professionals, GOLD programs 4health.  

  4. Online service delivery: Receive your appointment on your internet video. Read more

Therapists Corner

Events, training  

projects and resources



I found Denise on YouTube and she described exactly what I was suffering after  my mastectomy in 1996 and my recurrence in 2009. 

I emailed her and sent some selfies. 

We set up a consultation on Zoom (like Skype) after figuring out the international time differences.....

From there on it was  all go.

........ from Jordan

Address: 3 Beatson Tce., Alderley, QLD Australia, 4051

International Tel: +61733562497

National Tel:  07 33562497


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