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Accerate recovery 

after  mastectomy

For information about:

  • Recovery of arm movement

  • Recovery from trunk and chest wall tightness

  • What do I need to know and do for my body, over time.

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     Online support to purchase a BRESSANTE breast prosthesis

Should my chest be painful?               Should my scar be tight and puckered?         Will I ever be able to get full arm movement?
Each person's body (and mind) will respond to  their surgery, chemo and radiotherapy in a unique way. 
People who are finding their recovery "hard", should consider personalized help from experienced breast cancer rehabilitation health professionals.
The rehabilitation approach investigates your impairments carefully  and identifies solutions for recovery.

Recovery of arm movement

Up to 6 weeks after surgery

Arm stretches are introduced by your surgeon or physical therapist over a couple of weeks after surgery.

This method is to gradually stretch the new scar tissue that forms in the healing stage.

Sometimes the scar tissue is too intense in the early stage, such as cording (AWS).

Cording and too much scar tissue can respond well  to specific massage techniques and low level laser. 

You can connect with Denise Stewart for an assessment of your scar tissue response: in my rooms in Brisbane  or through video conferencing,online. 

To view what cording looks like and the treatments used by international  therapists go here


After 6 weeks 

The aim is to regain arm movement, without compromising the arm shoulder movement.  The goal will be to achieve arm to ear movement by 6-8 weeks.

Problematic scar tissue can form and attach to the chest wall,  the muscles and the skin and make this goal impossible to achieve using arm stretches.

You can connect with Denise Stewart for an assessment of your scar tissue response: in my rooms in Brisbane  or through video conferencing,online. 

Even if  there is many months of even years since surgery, it is still possible to get changes in scar tissue and muscles.

At the first appointment with Denise Stewart, it will be clear as to whether the rehab approach will make positive changes.

Recovery from chest wall  and trunk tightness

Up to 6 weeks after surgery

In the first 6- 8  weeks healing will require scar tissue to be formed.

During this time gentle exercise  is used only, as the scar is weak. 

Specific gentle massage techniques can be used by a trained scar therapist during this time to the surrounding tissues.

Cording can extend into the trunk and is felt on the side of the chest, about 4-6 inches down from the armpit.

You can connect with Denise Stewart for an assessment of your scar tissue response: in my rooms in Brisbane  or through video conferencing, online. 


After 6 weeks 

It is really important to have a rib cage that allows for a good deep breath and allows you to regain core stability!

If your deep breathing feels tight or your belly just does not do it's thing,  then connect with Denise Stewart for an assessment of your scar tissue response: in my rooms in Brisbane  or through video conferencing, online. 

Online workshop

What you should know about your "new normal"

Mastectomy scars require lifelong care – just like any other part of your body BUT who talks about this? 

                                                                          We will - at the workshop.

This workshop will suit people who experience any of the following:

  1. Do you (or your partner) avoid touching your mastectomy scar?

  2. Is your mastectomy scar uneven across your chest?

  3. Is your mastectomy scar puckered?

  4. Is your chest painful when someone hugs you?

  5. Is lifting your arm above your head, slower and harder than it use to be?

The good news is, that for most people, there are several really effective ways to improve scar stretch and sensitivity.  Attend this online 1 hour meeting with other people who have had a mastectomy. 


See how you can:

  1. Assess your scar.

  2. Identify the main problems for you.

  3. See how a special “practice”  can test and improve your arm movement if there are restrictions.

  4. See the types of massage techniques developed by expert therapists across the world.

  5. Finding a therapist with breast cancer scar treatment skills will be discussed.


This is an introductory awareness and training program for women any time after their mastectomy.

There will be 25 places available at the online meeting.

You will have an opportunity to:

  1. See a “live” powerpoint presentation on your screen

  2. Receive the assessments that you can use to evaluate your scar and your arm movement

  3. Ask questions

  4. Receive an online reminder of Denise’s “best” arm test

Online Workshop details

Cost: $20 (+ gst AUD) per attendee for the single workshop ( approx. 1.5 hours). You will receive a link to workshop resources.

Enquire about group discounts.


 Go to dollar converter at the bottom of the page, if you do not use Australian dollars.

You will receive a link to your email address to access the Zoom application to join the meeting. This is a free link and will be launched  for this meeting only - so do this a couple of minutes before the meeting starts. You could look at the Zoom meeting instructions before the meeting - otherwise I will do this at the beginning of the workshop.

This workshop will be held on the 10th of each month at 8am Brisbane Australia time. Use a time converter to check your availability.


Please contact Denise if this time does not suit and alternative times can be considered.

You may be interested  in completing the workshop by receiving the links and not attend the live online workshop.

At the workshop - you can choose to be incognito by having your camera turned off.

An external  link to Zoom tools ( Youtube)  can be found here.

Comments and questions can be asked by using the chat section.

Prosthesis measure
Breast prosthesis measurement for BRESSANTE

Looking for a light weight breast prosthesis, that has less silicone than many other prostheses?

Bressante breast prostheses and are now available to Australian consumers. 

These prostheses have been designed and manufactured by Wendy Smith, a prosthetist from Canada. 

Watch the videos below.

Connect with Denise to make an appointment to assist you in choosing a Bressante breats form: online or in person (in my rooms or phone).

FAQ's at online store for Bressante

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