Reach out the Back Stretches


is power

are you experiencing:

  • Rounded shoulder posture

  • Iron Bra feeling

  • Shoulder fatigue or pain

  • pulling at the chest


Then, feeling confident that you are doing the right stretches for your chest after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy is a great goal for 2020.

Reach out the Back (ROTB) stretches are simple to include in your day and week and will help give you a safe stretch to the skin and muscles of your chest.

It's hard to remember to do exercises, that's why I've developed two new ways to help you engage in the ROTB stretches:

  • Print your ROTB instructions (PDF)

  • Listen to ROTB instructions ( MP3) 


  1.  Decide whether you are best at reading or listening to instructions

  2. Get a free PDF guide or buy the package

  3. Set a place and time for your stretches in your calendar

  4. Have your ROTB resources at the ready, to take you through a maximum of 8 stretches

  5. Use this training method to develop your own ROTB stretch sequence. 

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