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Breast Cancer  Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit

It's difficult to get information and help with the side effects that follow breast cancer treatment

Leaders in breast cancer recovery, across the world, have united to provide their best advice for people to recover better. 
The information covers many of the side effects people may experience and find hard to recover from. We have brought a wide range of solutions together at one website to make it easy for you. There will also be links to how to find a therapist/ service provider who is trained in care for cancer patients.
The initial Summit launch ( 2016) had 450 registrants and 3,500 presentation views across 10 countries. The feedback from viewers was positive! 

"I just have to thank you so, so, so much for putting this Summit together. I have watched/listened to nearly every single minute in absolute awe.

I have learned so much, cried, laughed, raged and ranted! But most of all I feel a profound sense of relief that it’s not just me desperate to improve the lives of cancer treatment survivors.

Linda Conyard is currently in my ears and boy I wish I could have met her when I was enraged by the system refusing to tell me what I was demanding to know!
So thank you again, from the very bottom of my heart."
Feedback from breast cancer survivor, New Zealand

By sharing recovery and wellness knowledge
we make a difference in people's lives and

how health professionals practice their oncology care

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             WEBSITE LOGO 
SOLUTIONS FOR RECOVERY after breast cancer
SAVE TIME RESEARCHING: Information from many different health & wellness professionals  at one website location

Let your community know that they can access the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource to support their recovery, from your website.

The link will take the viewer to the current online program of video presentations from specialists in breast cancer rehabilitation and wellness. The viewer can binge view or visit daily to view the entire program of speakers.


Your purchase of the logo+ link enables your viewers to have free access to the program over the current year.

Or you can send your patient/client the session/day to look for once they click on your Summit link - targeting their specific interests and needs.

This resource would be a great website resource for providers of  Oncology massage therapy, Lymph/o/edema therapy, Physical therapy, Rehabilitation services, Yoga Therapy and more.

Preview the presentations ( the 6-7 day Summit program is converted to a 6-7 week  program)

Across the world, many people after breast cancer are not receiving the benefits of specialist recovery & wellness services.
They are often left to to manage the persistent side effects from their treatment, alone.
Sharing recovery solutions will empower people experiencing persistent side effects.

Anthony Donas is the Australian Indigenous artist for the new breast cancer recovery logo. 

Permission to use the artwork has been given to Denise Stewart for the use of the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit.

Please respect this permission and use the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness logo only in relation to this resource.


This is one way of supporting the Summit and also being able to access the Summit from a link in your email inbox.

Save the email with the Summit link in a folder or mark it so it is easy to find when you need it!

This is how it looks on my business website.
I send my patients and connections the page link.
They access the entire program when they click on the BCR&W logo.
The program can be viewed when the person is ready.
Create new conversations about recovery options in your community.


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Pay it forward and help support the Summit program continue to:

  • Educate health professionals to become more aware of the rehab needs following breast cancer

  • Help other people following breast cancer know what rehab options they have.

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