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  after surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy.

Self - treatment

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Musculo- skeletal pain


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For health professionals providing 

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Services for people ready to accelerate recover after a cancer diagnosis:

  • A better understanding of which side effects can be changed

  • A selection of non drug and non invasive physical treatment options 

  • Tests to evaluate and confirm your progress

  • Support to develop your own self care approach

You have choice in how you receive these services:

  • Brisbane clinics (South Brisbane, Alderley)

  • Telehealth, video conferencing to where you live

By focusing on how your body as responded to surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, we can develop your personalized recovery program.


By managing muscuo-skeletal changes and pain, swelling, core stability and return to work options, people can develop new, healthier responses and achieve better performance over their day.


Founder: Denise Stewart

Denise Stewart, is an Occupational Therapist who has worked with survivors of cancer for 30 yrs.

Denise knows her own chronic and complex pain. As a child with chronic tonsilitis she required repeat antibiotics. 

As a young adult she suffered serious spine damage while surfing and then had a nasty fall, jumping a fence when

8 months pregnant.


Back pain seemed to extend into persistent shoulder and arm pain and weakness, spanning 20 years. 

Unfortunately pain, poor sleep and irritability were common companions, despite seeking varied treatment options.


As a young woman, being a wife, a worker, a mother to a young family, and exercising were all  important to her. 

It was vital to find a new level of health and wellness.


With extensive research and trialling new therapies, a successful treatment approach was developed to manage chronic shoulder pain. Each program is personalized and includes a combination of:  new musculo- skeletal and scar treatments, posture + core stability retraining, having a stress management strategy, restoring gut health, managing food sensitivities and regular self- treatment.  

Denise Stewart is recognized as a forward thinking leader in breast cancer rehabilitation in Australia and beyond.

 Regular presentations to health professionals in breast cancer care include:

  • Using trigger point treatment for breast cancer survivors to accelerate movement recovery : ALA conference 1998

  • Breast oedema and assessment issues: ALA conference 2002

  • Masterclass training for assessment and treatment of breast cancer related shoulder pain: ALA 2005, ALA 2016, OTA 2016-17

  • Clinical assessment of AWS/ cording: ALA 2014

  • Impact of gluten sensitivity on lymphoedema: ALA 2014 poster

  • Development of online learning training for health professionals: Impairment assessment 2016, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit 2016.

  • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit for breast cancer survivors: 2017, 2018.

"  I was researching solutions for my own complex shoulder pain and at the same time I was working with breast cancer survivors in the 1980's.

I realized breast cancer survivors had a very high risk of persistent shoulder pain.

These women had far more serious scars and shoulder restrictions and they too were not being addressed.


My personal quest was to find non drug and non invasive treatments to help me and

those who survived breast cancer  "




EMAIL Denise to arrange:
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  • Face to face video appointment
  • A complimentary discovery session:
book a 15 min session to see if
therapy may help you.
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+61 416123810 



 For breast cancer survivors  who  want to accelerate their recovery but have restricted access to trained  health professionals.


Self-treatment can make a difference to tight scars and adhesions.

But what if some parts of that could be done by your partner.