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Training options 

Walking with Poles

Poles will add more to your posture and upper body strength during walking

Do you love walking, but feel your shoulders, arms, and trunk are not getting a workout?

Then walking with poles may just be the exercise for you.

Adding poles to your walking can increase your upper body workout and energy expenditure.

I have applied my breast cancer rehab skills to develop targeted training and pole selection that will suit the physical challenges faced by people after breast cancer.

Training ensures that you learn to use:

  • easiest hand grip

  • best arm swing

  • push thru to strengthen shoulders and upper back

  • best shoulder position

  • pole type to suit your balance

Your training will take about 3 sessions.  

Then practice practice practice to improve your technique.

If you are in Brisbane-  see location and times below.

Outside of Brisbane- let's get together by video method 

Nordic walking with music, moves and in a group at

this facebook site


Can we post an Australian performance?

Eildon Hill Windsor: 7 am, 7.30 ( Tuesday, Wed, Thurs)

Email Denise to book in your small group training. 

Cost: $20  per training session (30 mins + 30 min extra time with poles for personal practice)

           $15 (with your own poles)

Personalized one- on- one training 

  • Online face to face training: email me to discuss your pole needs before you make a purchase. Connect by email or SMS to book in a complimentary 15 min session or book your full evaluation.

* telehealth services are currently not rebated for most therapies

  • Local to Brisbane: book in 45 min session at an agreed location in Brisbane.                                                                    

       Cost per session: $85  and $15 for one extra person 

         (loan poles incl).

       Three to four sessions will provide you with basic safety and technique skills. 

       Your sessions can help you decide on which poles you should purchase


Small group training

1. Introduction to pole walking for breast cancer survivor group

    at your workplace or community hub.  

2. Three training sessions  with your own small group including             pole loan  POA

Be bold and go virtual with your own small group training in your town. Find your training group, make a booking + payment and then we can do this with mobile phone/ ipad and internet connection. We will use more online training sessions and use video analysis to guide your training.


Locations: Inner Brisbane northside, Coolum, Noosa, 

* poles can range from $150- $300

After Training Options

Choose your own personal pole walking or join your local pole walking group, heart walks or park run.

Coolum sessions

I will be at Coolum March- June (CV 19  family duties) 


Book in 30 mins and borrow cleaned poles and  BYO gloves.

One on one or BYO walking buddy sessions at the local park at Coolum.

DISCOUNTED in March- June 2020

$50 per session (1person) or $60 (2 persons).

3 Sessions (over 1-2 weeks) 

$100 (1 person)   $150 (2 persons) 

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