Supporting best recovery after breast cancer - Level 1


Managing post-surgical and radiotherapy side effects is 

an unmet need for many breast cancer survivors;

our sisters, aunts and mothers 

deserve more!


There is a continuous call for change; this requires services to be available and professional training to be provided.

I loved sharing the methods I use, in a workshop format, as this was changing lives for women well outside of my community. But there are so many barriers to workshops now: COVID 19 has impacted learning opportunities for all, especially health professionals.

GREAT NEWS! Standard Touch (R) has been the game-changer for practising and recording objective hand pressure measures. Sarah Komala, inventor and startup owner, has teamed up with Denise Stewart, to enable health professionals to continue their training during the pandemic. This training method has now expanded to two choices for therapists: Standard TouchTM rental or purchase of a digital scale with a gel pad ( PDF guide will be supplied)

Join a group live 2-hour zoom session each week for 5 weeks; practise your new-found skills in your home, and then transition quickly to your practice.

Session recording will be available for your personal use.


Completed in November 2021


Courses for 2022

to be set soon

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Participants from previous workshops  have  said

" I use the Reach out the Back

test with all my breast cancer patients "


Kate Perkins -OT and Lymphoedema therapist

" I used the  ROTB test the very next day and made some great changes for my patient"  

workshop image sydney.jpg

LEARN onservative hands-on treatments

for the following impairments: 



Cording insertion  at the chest wall

Uneven skin scars and  chest wall adhesions post-mastectomy

Seroma- fluid-filled and fibrotic

Lumpectomy  dissection problematic scar tissue

Rib cage flaring after  mastectomy

Pain on pressure  at  tight bands of muscles

Scapula dyskinesia and poorly isolated arm movement

Chest breathing

Soft tissue changes at ALND dissection bed

Problematic drain scars






With full course payment, you can receive my PDF literature reviews:

1. Introduction to assessment: Understanding the physical issues faced by women after breast cancer ( 72 pages)


2. Mastectomy: Testing scar tissue severity and other post-surgical impairments. (80 pages)



 RECEIVE five great references from over the last few years.


ready to view or download 


At the commencement of the sessions, you will receive a password protected  PADLET with links to patient resources, free access assessment forms, application for two key patient-reported Rausch based Q's.  

Each week the recorded sessions will be added to this one URL


STANDARD TOUCH (R) rental is required for course participants.  

Purchase here now and it will be shipped on October 1 with a return date by Dec 1 (2 months) - all sorted through the use of this customized Mendology page.

2 weeks is needed for the item to be shipped to you.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  each session and during the week.

Your aim is to get the technique pressure just right, without looking at the digital display!

Choose to take the PRESSURE CHALLENGE- be verified in the 3 - 4 key pressure levels used in the training sessions. We'll do this at Week 5 session where you need to achieve 4/5 reliability with the set pressures while blinded to the digital display.

You will be responsible for returning the device.

Alternatively, purchase of the device for our clinic use can be arranged through Mendology.

Standard Touch device

I love having the ST device in my clinic: I check my pressures and I find men get to realize the lightness of pressure very quickly.


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By booking in, you will snag your spot in the small group virtual courses for 2022. 

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Level 2 course, focusing on breast reconstruction, additional functional retraining and ALND soft tissue side effects will be available for therapists who have completed Level 1