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Care at home

I love working with people aged 80-90's.

Keeping them as mobile, pain free, and safe as possible,

in a positive and joyful way has benefits to the individual and our community.


Therapeutic massage
In home visits to treat  older person's stiffness and pain. 
Maintaining flexibility helps with walking and moving around in bed.
Foot massage to improve flexility
Treatment for shoulder and neck muscles to reduce pain
Home safety
Assessment of equipment for toilet, bath/shower and lounge/bedroom, making the day easier to manage.
Advice as to best supply or purchase options.
Lounge chair that is easy to get up from
Seat and rails for the shower
Trolley for kitchen activities
Time to do joyous things
Sometimes family are not nearby to help out.
A visit with a task in mind, can be scheduled to suit the individual.
A walk or scooter/wheel around the local gardens.
Sort through memorabilia
Prepare suitable radio/music  access

Personalised in-home services are available in the

Brisbane northside area.

  • POA 

  • Veteran's Affairs approved service provider for veterans and war widows


Preparing for older age by dealing with

past serious injuries .....                                 Read more

"I have had the pleasure of helping elderly people in my community: some for as long as 8-10 years. 

A trusting and enriched relationship develops for the individual and the family carers, with continuity of care"

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