Women, and men, need expert care to recover from the physical losses associated with their breast cancer treatments.

Choosing the right breast cancer rehab treatment and using sound before and after testing

is a transformational way to practice.

 Seeing how hands-on therapy can immediately transform surgical and radiotherapy changes, is now possible. 


Hearing the person express hope when change occurs is very exciting for therapists.


These short video courses are packed with "how-to" practices

that I use each day in my breast cancer rehabilitation practice.

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Axillary Lymph Node Dissection


The long term side effects associated with ALND surgery are many: pain, arm dysfunction and lymphoedema.

Targeted assessments and interventions can bring immediate change to movement and secondary soft tissue ALND related impairments. 

I am making the clinical practices, I use to transform breast cancer survivor's recovery, available to you through a new video series.

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Upper-body impairment assessment


How to use Reach out the Back Test 

Many functional and QOL assessments are used in breast cancer survivor research, but they don't identify the underlying impairments- only the dysfunction.

Being able to use safe and quick impairment assessments in the clinic has transformed my practice and work satisfaction. I use this test to evaluate all the new techniques I learn for oncology care.

This video training series takes you through all the "how toos" enabling you to incorporate it immediately into your clinical practice.