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This training presentation was accepted for inclusion at the 2020 Australasian Lymphology Association Virtual Conference.


This series of videos demonstrates assessment and treatment methods that can be used by health professionals, if this is within their scope of practice, for the care of people after Axillary Lymph Node Dissection.


The skills taught will suit lymhoedema therapists and oncology rehab therapists who want to provide services to monitor and reduce the impact of surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer survivors.


You will receive a link and password to your Padlet page (valid until 2022 June 30) where you will find:

Section 1:  Three videos will investigate seven soft tissue changes common to ALND and the  very recent evidence supporting the need for long term rehabilitation care. Video length: 26 mins


Section 2:  Five upper body impairment tests are demonstrated ( videos: 21 mins) including a seated ROTB test developed for telehealth video service delivery. Video length: 26 mins 


Section 3: View five treatment methods I use in my clinical practice for soft tissue changes following ALND . This includes pec minor self mobilization, negative pressure with adapted cupping  and Lewit barrier release for cording insertion at the ALND dissection bed. Video length: 19 mins


These practices are based on my 30 years of clinical experience working with  breast cancer survivors, however must be labelled as experimental as research is scant.  Evidence based medicine methodology recommends that treatment effectiveness for individuals  be regularly tested and this can be achieved using the assessment methods provided.


Section 4: Gifts to you and your patients, where each treatment method has been summarized for (you and) your patient to use for self-management at home.



Rehabilitation Needs After Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

  • The link and password you receive upon payment is for personal use only and not to be shared.

    The Padlet will remain active until JUne 2022

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