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This new testing method will identify impairments like skin adhesions, scar tissue, cording, and altered muscle tension for breast cancer survivors.


Knowing the severity and location of the surgery and radiotherapy-related soft tissue changes allows the health and cancer exercise trainer to better plan rehab interventions and exercise selection to suit the individual.


Learn how to use REACH-OUT-THE-BACK TEST (ROTB)  for locating and measuring upper body impairments for breast cancer survivors.


This video series has been created for health and oncology exercise professionals to:
1. Learn how to do the test on yourself

2. Use simple instructions for the patient to guide the best measures of arm movement impairments.

3. Know where to palpate for, or locate, impairments linked to breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy

4. Decide which ROTB measures will suit your practice, plan your interventions, and record gains made.

5. Review six key evidenced-based papers which underpin the ROTB test.


The PDF (40pages) offers a rich understanding of how large-arm testing will demonstrate the nature of chest and breast impairments. Arm positioning, muscle activation, and measurement in large multiplane arm movements will be presented. This test can be done in a seated position for online assessments and in gym settings. Images of breast cancer chest/breast impairments are included.

The 12-page PDF will take you through the ROTB test instructions. Step-by-step instructions for palpating or observing potential impairment locations during the arm test are provided.


PIR (gentle contract/relax)  is used in the ROTB test to manage muscle bracing at the pectoral muscles.


Once muscle bracing is ruled out, then the tester is directed to key zones and locations to palpate or observe for stiffness.




Once payment is made you will receive a PDF to your email address with the link and password to your training material. The videos can only be viewed from here, and can't be downloaded. Your PDF guides can be downloaded.

This link will only be available until Dec 2023.

If you wish to download these after this time: make a request to Denise Stewart


Reach Out The Back Test

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