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Best care for long scars after mastectomy

Long mastectomy scars can result in adhesions to many tissues underneath the skin and cause restrictions in arm movement and strength , neck and shoulder pain and rib pain. We need to increase access to scar severity assessment and treatment for people after mastectomy to reduce the burden many people experience. Download the MAP BC free paper and pdf - it shows the areas on your chest that need assessment to evaluate the severity of your scar- and then helps to develop the right treatment plan.

There are at least six other locations that problematic scars can form as a result of treatments for breast cancer. Each of these areas need to be assessed for their impact on nearby skin, superficial layes and deep layers of the body.

Use to find a therapist who has extra training in both oncology and scar tissue .

Or connect with Denise Stewart to book an online or clinic oncology scar service.

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