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Health professionals ready to add physical rehabilitation for upper body impairments to their patient services can now choose from various training options. 


This course is designed for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Lymphoedema Therapists with general skills in oncology care needs.



Participants in the Level 1 course will learn how to help an individual after mastectomy or lumpectomy achieve their easiest arm and shoulder movement through:


a) a range of palpation, multiplane ROM, and patient report assessments to guide your clinical decisions to manage upper-body impairments


b) a systematic approach to guide when, where & how to use Level 1 treatments safely and effectively


c) testing the immediate effectiveness of manual oncology rehab treatment for the individual

                                                   USE  Test, Treatment Plan, Treat, Test




Approx 14 hours for hands-on training.


Choose consecutive Sat/ Sun or split your training days throughout October.

Part 1 on Saturdays and Part 2 Sundays.


•Patient practice sessions will be arranged

•Additional time will be required for reading supporting evidence and skills practice.


Purchase Level 1 workshop or online delivery and receive:


• Ebooks - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation online training modules 1&2*: 140+ pages of content covering the evidence behind the need for upper body impairment assessment and treatment (Value: AU$250)

• Ebook-  Treatments for Level 1, including video skills review and supporting evidence.

•A manual glass cupping device and self–care trigger point device, the Treatment Buddy

•2 hours of professional case support* over 12 months ( * see the details of this support here) 


Therapists who work solo will benefit from learning new skills that can be applied immediately and having access to professional support over the first 12 months.


This training can also be provided with 100% online resources.

Connect to discuss your learning needs.


  • A refund is available up to three days following payment. Any financial institution fees will reduce the refund. Once the online links have been provided at the 3rd day following payment- no refund will be available.  Alternative course dates can be considered.

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