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These Modules will present the tests and method variations that will enable you to complete a comprehensive evaluation of impairments for an individual following breast cancer surgery.


These Modules will only include assessment methods - an essential skill and step before you commence learning for treatment methods.


Both modules offer value for money for the therapist or clinician wanting to learn about the physical impairments associated with breast cancer. All the tests I use as a clinician are available in both packages. Being able to assess the impairments allows you to evaluate changes over time and after treatment programs. Purchases within Australia will incur 10% gst.


Engage in interesting learning tasks within each module.

The learning projects allow you to submit a video for skill evaluation by Denise Stewart.

Module 1 & 2 Package

  • Your reading material:

    A downloadable 70+ page document with active links to free access reading material ( abstracts or free paper access). Each testing method covered will be discussed in detail regarding the advantages and limitations for use in post-breast cancer scar  and adhesion testing.


    Section 1: Disability, pain and movement disorders experienced after BC

    Section 2: Impairments after BC

    Section 3: Measures that need to be considered by clinicians

    • POSAS
    • ARM to EAR TEST


    Your Video material

    Video 1-2  The need for assessment

    Video 3: Arm to Ear test

    Video 4: Reach out the Back test

    Video 5: Important language for testing

    Video 6: POSAS and adheremeter

    Video 7: Your assessable project


    Your ROTB patient reminder PDF 

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