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This Module will suit the clinician who is ready to work through the evidence that identifies post breast cancer dysfunction and start the review of standard testing methods.

This review will identify the need for new testing methods such as Arm to Ear Test and Reach out the Back test.  These tests are specifically designed for clinicians to locate and identify the severity of scar and adhesion impairments.

A downloadable 70+ page document with active links to free access reading material ( abstracts or free paper access). Each testing method covered will be discussed in detail regarding the advantages and limitations for use in post-breast cancer scar and adhesion testing.


Section 1: Disability, pain and movement disorders experienced after BC

Section 2: Impairments after BC

Section 3: Measures that need to be considered by clinicians dealing with scars



Your Video material

Video 1-2  The need for assessment

Video 3: Arm to Ear test

Video 4: Reach out the Back test

Video 5: Important language for testing

Video 6: POSAS and adheremeter

Video 7: Your assessable project

Plus other short videos presenting the latest evidence to support large arm movements, and how to measure  and record ROTB position

Your ROTB patient reminder PDF 

The module will take a minimum of 4 hours to complete the reading and viewing tasks, and longer when you read the linked articles. 

Module 1: An introduction to dysfunction and impairments following breast cancer

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