Use this PADLET link to select the audio guide for your ROTB home stretches.

FOR USE WHEN your surgeon gives you permission for return to exercises above your head, especially not when wounds are healing.


These stretches are great for the tissues at the front of the chest and upper arm. Our daily life adds to the tightness in these areas especially after breast surgery- arrange to do your ROTB stretches everyday.

Choose from 2 different practices.

When you become familiar with the stretch steps, try going through the ROTB without the audio guide.

Choose to add my favourite back of shoulder stretches after your ROTB practice.


Find three easy breath +body positioning exercises to use to recen your body.


There is a video guide- just so you can check in initially to see that you are doing the stretch correctly.





  • Your purchase is for your own private use and is not to share with others. 

  • Surface and deep scar tissue may not respond well to arm stretch only.

    You can combine self massage techniques as provided by Denise Stewart or your treating therapist.