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Breast cancer: Lateral Breast Scars

Breast surgeons may use a incision at the side of the breast - as it will be less obvious and look better. Knowing how this scar may impact on your body in the long term is important for people who want to maximize shoulder and arm recovery and reduce pain experience.

Patient donated photo

As a private Occupational Therapist, I have spent the last 30 years helping people after breast cancer experiencing reduced arm mobility and pain in shoulder/s, neck and trunk.

Early intervention and prevention are beneficial strategies in physical recovery after breast cancer.

I like this combination:

  1. personalized exercise

  2. personalized massage

  3. personalized stretches

  4. eat right for your body

Referral to health practitioners skilled in post breast cancer scar & shoulders is not a standard practice in many breast cancer clinics.

This means survivors need to take a more active role in seeking the care they need to recovery better.

See more at the video.

Connect for:

1. Face to face services in Brisbane

2. Book and pay for an online consult here

3. Email connect to ask for general information here

Author: Denise Stewart 30.1.2019

Director, Breast and Shoulder Rehab,

Founder, GOLD programs4health,

Founder, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness ONLINE Summit

Registered Occupational Therapist B.Occ Thy (Qld)


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