Dec 6th program

Laura ( Italian) with English translator

Laura Mutti

Post breast cancer physical care - Mantova, Italy.

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Hear how a physiotherapist provides a continuous service from pre-admission to outpatient in a public (free) hospital system.

  2. Three (3) physical areas of concern for the physiotherapist in the early recovery after breast surgery.

This presentation is in Italian with an English translator.

You will see flashes of Stella Maris Glowinsky getting ready for her presentation- my apologies, Stella photobombed  our meeting.


Dr David Wilkinson

Foods which are effective against cancer

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Be acquainted with examples of evidence which support the use of food to reduce cancer risk

  2. Understand some of the biology and chemistry involved in anticancer nutrition

  3. Learn about three common foods which work against cancer, and how to optimize their effects


Linda Conyard

 Be trauma sensitive: how to facilitate the client's recovery process.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Understanding typical trauma responses.

  2. How to prevent burnout when working with people facing trauma.

  3. How to initiate  a referral  to trauma recovery health professionals.


Delva Shamley

Implementing a surveillance program to manage upper body impairments after breast cancer

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Understand the potential for toxicity on whole body systems.

  2. See negative changes at the shoulder girdle - which happens for many survivors.

  3. Learn how a surveillance model can be implemented within a hospital system.



AWS/cording: Assessment and treatment

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Overview of research in this area.

  2. Assessment methods described.

  3. Review of case studies - including opinions about cording in male patients.

This project is still open


Carol Michaels

Exercise and fitness programs: A New Jersey post- breast cancer  perspective  (USA)

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Learn how to motivate people to commence exercise when cancer related fatigue is limiting their activity.

  2. Understand the progression required before strength exercises commence.

  3. Hear how to develop funded exercise projects.


Eeris Kallil

Relaxation, visualization and affirmation techniques

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. How to connect people when the client is "stuck" in anxious thinking and feeling.

  2. A guided practice for the practitioner to be present for the client.

  3. 5 steps for a guided visualization practice.


Lorna Golombick

Physical Therapy: Reduce pain and increase shoulder movement

What you will see in this presentation:

  1.  How does Scenar work  on tissue signalling.

  2. Case examples of positive changes in range of motion and pain with Scenar  used in treatment session.

  3. Lorna's best tips for fun home program exercises of the shoulder and chest wall.