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Online International Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit 2016

for health professionals

Dr David Wilkinson

Foods which are effective against cancer

Free access:

Lorna Golombick

Physiotherapy interventions for physical impairments - scenar

Eeris Kallil

The use of relaxation training 

AWS/ cording assessment and treatment.

Emad Besher
Delva Shamley

Upper limb impairment explained and how a surveillance system can work to reduce this experience.

Carol Michaels

Exercise and fitness tips to get people started

Laura Mutti

Physiotherapy: Early and continued support to breast cancer patients  in hospital care.

Linda Conyard 

Being Trauma Sensitive

Marianne Cirone

Three key platforms for Yoga used for people after breast cancer

Avinoam Lerner
Alene Nitzky

Living not just surviving- a community and web based service

Acupuncture for post-breast cancer side effects care

Kelley Modesire

Oncology Massage post breast cancer

Jamie Elswick

How Clinical Hypnosis can help the immune system

Short video:

Michael Stubblefield  MD

Neuro muscular conditions after breast cancer

Dr Robin Dilley

Emotional healing through labrynth, imagery and


Naomi Aaronson

Pilates  for post breast cancer care: research and principles


Mastectomy and prosthetic options- with an artistic edge.

Wendy Smith

How personal trainers and fitness industry meets needs of breast cancer survivors.

short video:

Andrea Leonard

Yoga therapy: A review of research and practice

Annette Loudon

Breast Q: A patient  impact rating tool

Short video:

Dr Andrea Pusic

 Treatments for tight tissue, pain

and lymphoedema

short video:

Susan Nichols

Pilates practice: Chair exercises

Naomi  Aaronson

STRAIT method:

Interventions for scar tissue

Marjorie Brook

A survivor program run by partnering between  groups 

Fly Fishing in Australia

ASTYM therapy for mastectomy scar tissue.

Short video:

Clare Davies

Stillness meditation

Rii Mitchell

Oxidative stress: How to help our clients improve their inner eco-system (PART A)

Shira Litwack
Trish Duke

E resources to help people after breast cancer

An Argentina Physical Therapist experience managing lymphoedema: hospital and community

Andrea Melendi

Italy/ Milan: Early hospital based lymphatic system interventions

Stella Maris Glowinski
Eeris Kallil

Precautions for Massage therapy for  breast cancer clients

Jamie Elswick

Oncology Massage: Trauma sensitive -respecting an individual's complexity


Massage techniques to soften  AWS/ cording 

Laura Mutti

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction and breast cancer.

Short video:

Susannah Haarmann

Pilates: Practice Pilates exercises from post breast cancer program- mat and standing.

Naomi Aaronson

Oxidative stress: How to help our clients improve their inner eco-system (PART B)

Shira Litwack
Elisabeth Josenhans

Update of AWS/ cording  and mastectomy scar conservative physical treatments. 

Short video:

Connecting breast cancer clients to therapy services with a web based program.

Karen Anderson

 Re- connecting neck, shoulder, spine and pelvis after breast cancer

Eeris Kallil

Scar tissue: Assessment methods to determine severity.

Denise Stewart
Dr Linda Carlson

Distress severity measurment  and triage management system in Canada.

Death and dying: Who is having this conversation

Linda Conyard

The benefits of Reiki for people after cancer  diagnosis

Jane Van De Velde

Pinc and Steel: How this physical training program has been effective.

Lou James 

Early prevention and intervention of arm lymphoedema 

Karin Johansson

How the Spa industry is becoming cancer aware.

Julie Bach

 Can we prevent Chemo induced neuropathy? 

Dr Janet Schloss
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