Denise Stewart

Tests for scar severity after breast cancer.
Brisbane, Australia

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Review two research studies that support the need for scar assessment after breast cancer.

  2. Understand reasons why scar tissue severity gets missed after breast cancer.

  3. See how testing methods specific to breast cancer can detect scar tissue severity in the clinic.

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See the details behind Arm to Ear Test and

Reach-out-the-Back Test

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Dr Linda Carlson

Distress severity measurement  and triage management system in Canada.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. How the distress scale can be used to triage cancer patients.

  2. The Canadian 9 week mindfulness program and patient psycho-social and physical outcomes.

  3. Online mindfulness program method and outcomes.

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Linda Conyard

 Death and dying: Who is having this conversation?

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Linda speaks about the benefits of this conversation

  2. How this important conversation might be thwarted

  3. How to facilitate this conversation for the family

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Dr Janet SchLoss

Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy: Research and clinical experience

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. How effect are the pharmaceuticals?

  2. Which  nutraceuticals are effective?

  3. Janet's recommended  blood test before chemo to reduce risk of CIPN.

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Lou James

The New Zealand experience: Pinc and Steel training outcomes for breast cancer patients

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. See how Pinc and Steel training methods developed in New Zealand.

  2. Hear about Next Steps and Paddle Board - Paddle On  program outcomes.

  3. The importance of connecting with funding agencies for breast cancer survivorship programs.

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Early intervention and prevention of arm lymphedema 

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Hear why recommendations can be inaccurate.

  2. Listen to a Swedish surveillance model for lymphedema  that has followed people for 10 years.

  3. Hear how compression garments are used in very early management. 

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Jane Van De Velde

Reiki for cancer patients, caregivers, and staff: a complementary healing practice for modifying the stress response

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. How the practice of Reiki can be successfully introduced in outpatient cancer care centers and inpatient oncology units.

  2. How the experience of Reiki can convert the stress response into the relaxation response for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

  3. How a Reiki self-care training program can support individuals with cancer and their caregivers in managing daily stress, anxiety, and discomfort.

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Julie Bach

Spa and wellness facilities meeting the needs of people after cancer diagnosis.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Why attending a Spa after cancer diagnosis was not working for people after a cancer diagnosis.

  2. How cancer aware training is being rolled out at Spa facilities in several countries.

  3. How to partner with your local Spa facility.

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