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Online International

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Summit

for health professionals 

Dec 6-12th  (AEST)


You have purchased personal access to this Summit page. 
Click on each day above to see the presentations offering solutions for common side effects after breast cancer. 
After Dec 6-12th 2016 health professionals will only have the purchase option for the Summit.
To support the Summit vision you are welcome to
share a preview of presentations
Share one video in this list and the health professional will access 9 other short videos.

Transcripts and translations:

There will be a variety of options and then some presentations do not come with a transcription.

Google translate was used to create Italian and Spanish copy- however this may not be an accurate representation. 

Google translate to English:  This was used for Andrea M. and Stella's presentation-  you will understand most content.

Some medical words do not translate well.

Summit vision

Reduce the unwanted side effects for breast cancer survivors, across the world, by increasing our ability to provide best

"after  diagnosis" care options.

One health care provider will not cut it - they need

a breast cancer aware team!

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