Kelley Mondesire

Acupuncture to releive symptoms following Breast Cancer

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. How acupuncture for people after cancer diagnosis is adapted and why.

  2. Hear how cancer side effects can be helped with acupuncture.

  3. Maintaining health with acupuncture


Jamie Elswick

Oncology Massage and the complexity of soft tissue responses specific to breast cancer experience.

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Hear examples of how  the linear surface scar may not reflect the severity of deeper scar tissue and soft tissue changes.

  2. Physical treatment methods for cording suggests the cording structures are open to a variety of approaches.

  3. Hear how high resolution ultrasound may offer objective measurement of radiation fibrosis and scar tissue changes.

  4. Listen to how oncology massage developed in Alaska.


Avinoam Lerner

Clinical Hypnosis: How it can help after cancer diagnosis. 

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Understand the impact of mental suffering and emotional distress on health and immune function.

  2. Learn how clinical hypnotherapy can address and resolve harmful states of mind in order to revive immune function.

  3. Analyze a case study and discover the mechanism of this breakthrough therapeutic process.


Marianne Cirone

Three key platforms for Yoga in breast cancer rehabilitation.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Review the research supporting Yoga  protocols are safe for the cancer population.

  2. Key  research  supporting the effectiveness of Yoga for symptoms following cancer.

  3. Ways to ensure safe and effective Yoga is accessible to a wider cancer population.


Dr Michael Stubblefield

Neuromuscular Disorders after Breast Cancer

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Hear about possible neuromuscular disorders that may present after breast cancer treatment

  2. The medical information you need to understand  when treating your patient's symptoms.

  3. Hear how a health care system in USA is supporting oncology rehabilitation across the country.

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Beyond Rehab: Restoring quality of life for patients and caregivers “Because living is so much more than surviving”

ALENE nitzky

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Key times throughout the cancer trajectory where restorative skills are needed by both patients and caregivers.

  2. The shortcomings of traditional medical approaches to survivorship and why specialist health professionals are an ideal complement to survivorship plans.

  3. Why  Cancer Harbors can be used as an educational tool for pre-habilitation.

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NAOMI Aaronson

Pilates for people after breast cancer.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. See how Pilates principles match the needs of ​breast cancer survivors.

  2. Know the benefits of Pilates for breast cancer survivors.

  3. See four pieces of research supporting Pilates with breast cancer survivors.

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Dr Robin Dilley

Create your  own medicine bag - for the busy yet caring  health professional

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Understand the value  of a personal medicine bag and how to establish your own small support team.

  2. Observe how  a Labyrinth works to create mental and emotional space.

  3. Join the journalling challenge.

  4. Participate in a 8 minute guided color filled, magical journey within your imagination.

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