Eeris Kallil

Re-connecting neck,shoulder, spine and pelvis after breast cancer.

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Learn Non-Pressure techniques for the shoulders and arm for Breast Cancer Rehab

  2. See how movement is used to release shoulder and neck stiffness

  3. Find out how to use an alternative to prone-supine position 

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Laura Mutti

Demonstrating cording and drain scar treatments

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. See Laura' s massage technique for single cord 

  2. See Laura's massage techniques for thicker cords

  3. See why  cupping technique may be needed for drain scars


Susannah HaArmann

Sexuality explored and restored: An informed physical therapy approach.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Understand the physical and emotional changes associated with breast cancer treatments specific to  sexuality.

  2. See the range of interventions that work to restore sexuality.

  3. Sexuality challenge: Can we help with earlier referral by using a screening questionnaire

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Karen Anderson

Foundation 96: Linking trained health professionals to people after cancer to manage treatment side effects. 

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1.  Understand the barriers to rehab and wellness support for people after intensive cancer medical care.

  2. See how a web based care plan can reduce barriers to people gaining access to health professionals with oncology expertise.

  3. Identify if your service can connect with Foundation 96 as a provider or referrer.

For  health professionals specializing in post cancer care and who provide an intervention/ service that is research based.

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Naomi aaronson

Pilates: Practice the exercises to understand the benefits for  breast cancer survivors: standing practices.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Understand the Pilates principles of breath, posture, stabilization and movement.

  2. Practice mat and standing exercises.

  3. Know some exercise adaptions.

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Oxidative stress: Helping our patients/ clients get started with positive changes. PART B

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Understand how alcohol advice can be given to female clients.

  2. Listen to how sugar in foods should be reduced.

  3. The guide to changes within the home and gut environment.

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Elisabeth Josenhans

AWS/Cording: An update from the innovator of "hands on" treatment of physical impairment after breast cancer.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. The history behind AWS/ cording treatment in Hamburg, Germany.

  2. See many types of cording experience and why it may be missed in some women.

  3. Watch Elisabeth's gentle but deep massage techniques for cord softening and mastectomy scar adhesions.


Yes this is my physical treatment "idol".

This presentation starts in German and at 12mins you will hear English description of video assessment and treatment. 

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