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Breast Cancer and Prosthetics

Wendy Smith

Wendy smith

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Understand the woman's three options after mastectomy.

  2. Review  design considerations for function and aesthetics.

  3. Art as a meditation and wellness option

Annette Loudon

Annette Loudon

Everything you need to know about Yoga Therapy

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Research supporting Yoga and post breast cancer outcomes.

  2. Annette's most successful calming practices.

  3. Components of Yoga therapy  sessions.

  4. Insights into Annette's research project.

Andrea Leonard

Andrea Leonard

Breast cancer survivorship exercise and fitness programs (Portland)

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​The harder considerations for personal trainers and fitness professions working with people after cancer.

  2. Hear about how health professionals can work together to support best performance for individuals.

  3. Know about the new Pound Poms program for after breast cancer and lymphoedema - based on cheer leader moves.


Marjorie Brook

Marjorie Brook

Scar tissue after breast cancer: The Strait TM method                                                  Long Island, New York

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. What you need to know before you put your hands on someone’s breast cancer scar.

  2. Understand  potential effects of reconstruction and breast implants on the breast cancer survivor and scar tissue formation.

  3. Questions you can ask to help determine time frames for scar tissue treatment.

Naomi Aaronson

Naomi aaronson

Pilates: Practice mat and chair exercises to understand the principles and benefits for breast cancer survivors.

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. Understand the principles of breath, posture, stabilizing and moving.

  2. Practice a chair based and mat  based set of exercises.

  3. Be able to use modifications to these exercises.

Dr Andrea Pusic

Dr Andrea Pusic

Breast Q: An international patient reported  outcome tool

What you will see in this presentation:

  1. ​Know how to choose the tests and sections of Breast Q to suit your patient/client.

  2. See how Breast Q evaluates treatment outcomes and can identify early management procedure.

  3. The process Breast Q used to have languages to suit  client's where English is not their language.

  4. Understand how this test can be used to compare treatments internationally.

Susan Nichols

Susan Nichols

Cording and Lymphoedema: A case study demonstrating tools and therapy aids.

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. Learn how a paint brush can make lymph massage more consistent.

  2. Watch how a snake bite tool can help release tight scar and fascia.

  3. See how a Gua Sha tool can be used to improve micro circulation in the limb.


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing 

Fly Fishing : A weekend away for women after

                                         breast cancer

Learning objectives for this presentation:

  1. See how organizations link together to support survivor outcomes.


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